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Shoot Extreme's patented, reactive target systems are much more rewarding to practical or defensive shooters than paper targets. Get some for your range!

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Shoot Extreme is not open to the public. We primarily design, build, and sell reactive target and shoot house control systems enabling entrepreneurs to build exciting themed ranges like the one described here.

Check out our newest activity with your friends: Shoot Extreme’s Top Shot” Challenges, which marry the safe but thrilling gun play at Shoot Extreme with the kind of formats you’d see on an episode of History Channel’s “Top Shot” show or an IDPA-style competition–but in the comfort of our indoor range!

Zed awaits the unwaryAre scary thrills more your speed? Our Zombie Hunt has become one of the most popular activities in town! Come in today for a unique, thrilling shooting experience that’s great for both new and experienced shooters. Bring the family–what could be more bonding than a zombie hunt? And Shoot Extreme activities make great gifts.


Looking for more serious challenges? You can bring in your own AR-15 or pump-action 12ga shotgun, or use our pistols AND your AR-15 to practice your transitions.

In a hurry? Save time by filling out our ONLINE WAIVER before you come in! Please NOTE: Those aged 12-17 MUST first come in WITH a parent or guardian so both can fill out waivers. The parent must co-sign the child’s waiver here in the facility.

Great training, awesome entertainment.™ A new kind of shooting range.

Shoot Extreme® shoot house ranges wrap heart-pounding shooting experiences and reality-based training into an adventure destination for the whole family. We’re sticklers about safety. Convenient online reservations (via Bookeo) accommodate your crazy-busy life. Our Zombie Hunts build competence and confidence in a safe, fun, and social setting.

Cleaner. Safer. More helpful. And seriously fun.

That makes us different from old-fashioned shooting ranges, where the only thing you’re allowed to do is stand still and punch holes in stationary paper targets under well-lit conditions. Frankly, that’s not realistic training for much of anything. And it gets worse. Many conventional ranges offer no coaching for new shooters, lane wait times can be insane, and all too often your safety seems seriously in doubt.

That’s just crazy.

We invented Shoot Extreme® for those looking for something more.

We provide the gear. You provide the attitude.™

Brad clears a cornerShoot Extreme provides the pistols, shotguns,and rifles you’ll shoot at our range (although you CAN bring your own AR-15!). They’re real weapons converted to fire Simunition®, which is the non-lethal, ballistically realistic, training ammunition that the military and police use for their own realistic, close-quarters-battle (CQB) training. All you do is show up with your mad skills, your enthusiasm, and shoot. See how it works.

 We bring accessibility and excitement to indoor, recreational shooting.

Shoot Extreme is easy to get to and friendly to new shooters. We want new shooters to get off on the right foot, with the right habits. But while our activities are very accessible to brand new shooters, our high-tech shooting lanes and shoot house courses can challenge even advanced shooters. And, unlike paintball or Airsoft®, you do NOT have to include letting others shoot you in your experience! But if you want to test yourself against live opponents, you can bring in friends for some force-on-force fun. We’ll  provide the necessary safety equipment and structured instruction.

Bring your friends; see who’s got game.Zombie Hunting Friends

Shoot Extreme experiences include:

  • Themed shooting (Zombie Hunts!)
  • Room for parties or group outings
  • Reactive targets sense your presence, and fall when you shoot them!
  • Convenient instruction, even for walk-ins
  • Low-light tactical engagement training
  • Force-on-force scenarios & team vs team games

Our shoot house lanes provide adrenaline-injected training and crazy fun for everyone from novices to experienced shooters. Our high-tech systems and range telemetry let you measure your performance improvements over time.

And we’re fanatics about customer service.

Our trained, helpful staff ensure your experience is safe and fun. We provide orientation and instruction to get complete novices into the basics of shooting skillfully and help them learn skills that never get developed at old-fashioned, boring ranges.

Good training can be great fun. Don’t wait–we’d love to see you today!