Competition Shooting

See (and compete in!) our first ever EIPSA Competition! Details below.

EIRSA Competitions

In Extreme Indoor Recreational Shooting Association competitions, shooters compete for time and accuracy across a series of challenges that incorporate combined, high-speed pistol, rifle, and shotgun challenges in an urban environment. It’s the ultimate measure of broad-spectrum skills. Contestants operating under stress have to be able to pick up and use unexpected and unfamiliar weapons in fast-moving tactical scenarios, often while having to react to unsettling distractions, impediments to their progress, or handicaps to their abilities or senses.

EIRSA is the ultimate level playing field. Nobody gets an advantage by being able to spend more money on fancy weapons or high-tech gear. The shooter that comes out on top does so because he’s more prepared, more skilled, and has trained to perform under pressure and in the face of adversity with whatever firearms are at hand.

Are you up to the challenge?

EIPSA Competition Shooting

The Extreme Indoor Pistol Shooting Association stages competitions featuring isolation drills, like quick draw and fire, or timed shoot-don’t-shoot challenges, combined with self-or-home defense scenarios based on documented real-life situations. Contestants are limited to the use of stock handguns–like the EIRSA competitions, the goal is to level the playing field. Unlike EIRSA competitions, EIPSA tournaments are more friendly to novice and intermediate shooters because the weapon being used for any given tournament is published in advance, giving shooters time to familiarize (or become expert!) with that gun before competing.

Many EIPSA stages can be practiced in advance of tournaments at Shoot Extreme. Some staff assistance may be required, which is provided on an “as available” basis.

This was our first EIPSA Competition:

Event Stage 1- The Dirty Dozen
This event tested competitors’ pistol handling speed and accuracy. Contestants engaged 6 targets at various ranges, double-tapping each one, with magazine load outs that required multiple magazine changes. 12 bullets were required for a perfect score; 15 bullets were provided.

  • The competitor shot from lane one of the training range.
  • Competitors began with three five round magazines and a cleared Beretta 92FS on the shelf in front of them. The Beretta’s slide was locked to the rear.
  • Competitors began from the position of surrender, with both hands above the shoulders. Hitting the button in lane one started the timer.
  • The competitor loaded the first magazine and double tapped all six of the targets in lanes 1-3, reloading as necessary.
  • The timer stopped when the last target was double-tapped. Targets could be engaged in any order.
  • Use of the extra rounds resulted in a one second per round addition to the contestant’s final time.

Event Stage 2- Shoot/Don’t Shoot
This event tested the competitors’ low-visibility target identification  and point-shooting accuracy in a distraction-filled environment.

  • The competitor was shown pictures of a random three (3) zombies (in no particular order) from shoot house lane two. 30 seconds were allowed to memorize the three zombie faces/settings.
  • Competitors were given one five round magazine for their Beretta 92FS and cleared to proceed through the shoot house.
  • Competitors had to shoot ONLY the zombies presented in the pictures, with “hits” counting ONLY while the target is active (targets are active for only 3-5 seconds).
  • Each of shoot house lane two’s 18 encounters was thus included in this shoot/don’t shoot event!

Watch this page for announcement of the next competition!