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Shoot Extreme's patented, reactive target systems are much more rewarding to practical or defensive shooters than paper targets. Get some for your range!

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Not your ordinary target range; not your ordinary targets.

Reactive targets are targets that react when you hit them. They’re much more fun than shooting at a hanging piece of paper. Shoot Extreme™ ranges feature reactive and moving targets.

Simmunition breakdownOur ammo helps makes us amazing.

We use the Simunition® system. Simunition FX® (non-lethal, non-toxic) ammo is used worldwide by military, police, SWAT, hostage rescue and other elite agencies for its phenomenal realism and the training opportunities it offers. Civilians can’t buy it. But now they CAN shoot it at Shoot Extreme!

The ammunition you’ll fire at Shoot Extreme is very cool stuff. It:

  • functions in real guns like real ammo but shoots a non-penetrating composite bullet
  • works in fully automatic and semi-automatic weapons
  • has reduced noise, so you don’t have to wear uncomfortable hearing protection
  • provides realistic but reduced recoil, so you can focus on developing sound shooting skills
  • possesses the ballistic accuracy required for realistic, close-quarters tactical training
  • is non-lethal — bullet energy is reduced enough to be used for force-on-force (live target) training
  • includes a secret ingredient effective for killing zombies.

Okay, we made that last bit up. But seriously, our use of Simunition allows you to engage in the kind of realistic training previously only available to military and law enforcement personnel.

Or, for those who don’t want to fire real guns, but DO want to have a fun, realistic experience, Shoot Extreme offers you the use of the highest-quality gas-blowback Airsoft® weapons available.

Safety. Safety. Safety.

Weapons converted for the Simunition system safely preclude the inadvertent chambering of live, lethal ammunition. You can practice and train real-life firearm skills and high-stress scenarios without endangering yourself or those around you.

Because real guns have to be converted to ensure safety, we provide all the semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, shotguns, and tactical rifles used at the range. All weapons been converted to preclude someone from accidentally using live ammo.

Unlike other ranges, you do not bring your own weapons.

All you have to do is show up and shoot! Our easy Web reservation system ensures little to no wait time. To provide you with the best training, we maintain many commonly used service weapons, including Glock, Beretta, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and other arms. Although the weapon conversions are expensive, we add to our selection all the time and customers are invited to let us know which weapons they’d like to shoot.

Upon arrival, new shooters complete a simple registration and waiver at our electronic kiosks if they have not already done so from home via the Web. For safety and legal purposes, new member identities are confirmed against government ID or birth certificate.

Fun for (almost) everyone.

Shoot Extreme ranges are available to everyone aged twelve and over, although anyone under the age of 16 must pass our basic firearms safety test with a score of 100%. Anyone under the age of 18 must have their waiver co-signed by their parent or legal guardian.

We provide secure storage lockers for safe keeping of personal belongings while at our facility.

When ready to shoot, customers go through a Safety Check Room, where they are positively checked to ensure they are not bringing lethal weapons of any kind into the actual shooting and training area. This ensures nobody brings any unconverted weapons or live ammunition into the environment where people are shooting (sometimes against each other).

In the Ready Room, customers put on their protective gear. For those shooting on the range or versus our reactive targets in the shoot house, only eye protection is required. Eye protection can be rented inexpensively or purchased on site. Customers may bring their own eye protection, but it must be ANSI certified, impact resistant. Never compromise on safety!

Introduction to pistol trainingOnce thru the Ready Room, customers are in the Range Area and can use our training and orientation target range or shoot house lanes (including the Zombie Hunt!). Lane priority goes to those with reservations, then to walk-ins. Reservations are easy to make from anywhere via the Web and strongly suggested.

And when you’re done, we clean your guns!

Come in, have fun, then get on with your day. No muss, no fuss, and our simple reservation system ensures you don’t spend your day waiting around twiddling your thumbs. Our goals are to provide a great experience, great training, and great fun.