League Night

How better to sustain your hard-earned shooting skills while having fun with your best buddies than joining a Shoot Extreme league?

Well, it’s time to pop some cathartic caps in friendly weeknight competition!

Leagues are forming now for three man teams (and you can rotate subs in, too, if you have more than three people that want to shoot on your team). Simply come into Shoot Extreme in West Chester and register your team. Indicate the night(s) your team is available to shoot, whether your team is more inclined to shoot force-on-target or force-on-force, and you’re in!
Not really a team player? Shoot Extreme also runs ladder competitions. Register for our ladder tourney and see if you can shoot your way to the top of the ladder over the course of the tournament. It’s as much fun as it is a real-world test of your shooting skills.