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Shoot Extreme's patented, reactive target systems are much more rewarding to practical or defensive shooters than paper targets. Get some for your range!

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Introduction to Shooting 101

This four house course is taught in two 2-hour sessions and includes both classroom and live-fire range time using real weapons converted to shoot Simunition—the same non-lethal training ammunition used by elite tactical, military and law enforcement units for their own close-quarters battle training.

Price: $59.95

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 Home Defense 201

Home Defense 201 is a five hour course broken into two two-and-a-half hour sessions. The course incorporates classroom and live-fire instruction, including force-on-force training scenarios to give students the most realistic situations possible for developing their home defense skills. Home Defense 201 requires a student to (1) have taken our Introduction to Shooting 101 course, or (2) demonstrate competency with firearms in our facility.

Price: $69.95.

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Defensive Carry Scenarios 201

Our Defensive Scenarios training consists of two-and-a-half hour sessions broken into training scenarios that teach and allow you to rehearse responses to life-threatening situations outside the home. Classroom time is limited to brief skills review and a safety briefing, with the rest of the time spent in live-fire,  force-on-force training scenarios to give students the most realistic situations possible for developing their defensive carry skills. The Defensive Carry 201 expects that the student has earned their CCW, and requires students to (1) have taken our Introduction to Shooting 101 course, or (2) demonstrate appropriate competency with firearms in our facility.

Price: $39.95.

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Most gun ranges give you “Training Scars.”

Training Scars are bad habits resulting from training omissions or repeating behaviors in training that degrade your performance when under stress or an emergency situation.C.A.R.S. Training in the shoot house

The doctrine in military and elite law-enforcement communities is that you must train the way you’re going to fight. What you practice in training you will do in combat–including bad or stupid actions.  In an emergency situation, people commonly act without thinking; training and muscle memory takes over…if you have any.

Life isn’t like a gun range.

Standing in a shooting lane at a gun range trains you for one thing: shooting at stationary targets, while relaxed and under optimum conditions. Very few of those skills translate into competency in an emergency situation.

Here’s supporting evidence: Police officers qualify at least bi-annually. Many shoot at a practice range much more often. In formal qualification, on a range, the average “hit” percentage during a multi-stage, timed-fire exercise is over 90%. Yet officers involved in gunfights on the street average only 17-25% “hits,” even though the majority of those gunfights occur at shorter ranges than those at which they qualify.

The hit percentages are worse for civilians. In the home or on the street, a target miss is dangerous.

Gun control means being able to hit your target…without using your sights.

Our Primary Instructor gives Introduction to Pistol training

Because in an emergency situation, especially against an armed opponent, studies have shown you simply won’t use them. Law enforcement officers have repeatedly confirmed in after action interviews that not only did they not see their sights, they don’t even remember seeing their gun. The only thing they remember seeing was the perpetrator’s gun!

The solution is to train using realistic scenarios and lots of repetition with coaching to correct bad habits. Much of this training cannot be done safely at a range where people are using lethal ammunition. Using an empty firearm is not effective training for most drills. And, of course, you should never practice anything with a loaded firearm at home!

Shoot Extreme ranges, featuring Simunition® low-energy FX® cartridges, allow you to use a real, service weapon to conduct reality-based training.

Get rid of training scars and hone emergency defense skills.

Shoot Extreme offers recreational, fun, and competitive events to make training even more fun. So you do it more and that builds competency.