Zombie Hunts

Oh, sure, you SAY you would survive the Zombie Apocalypse… But if you don’t train for it, let’s face it–the zombies are going to eat your brains.

You’ve talked the talk. Now walk the walk. A cell of bio-terrorists have unleashed an agent that’s converting people to zombies. You have to fight your way through the zombie infestation to get at the terrorists and take them out before they can cause any more mayhem!

The basic Shoot Extreme Zombie Hunt is $20. But you can buy more ammo to take out more targets!

The more ammo you buy, the better the value. Zombie Hunt pricing includes equipment belt and holster, safety glasses, one of our semi-automatic pistols (Beretta, Glock, SIG Sauer and many others available), two magazines of ammunition, some basic instruction in the use of a pistol if needed, and your trip through our dark, zombie-infested shoot house, which is about 250 yards of twisting, turning passageways and rooms you have to clear of the undead and the bio-terrorists that created them to rescue the refugees!

Save time by filling out our ONLINE WAIVER before you come in! Please NOTE: anyone under the age of 18 MUST first come in with a parent or guardian so both can fill out waivers, so the parent can co-sign the child’s waiver here in the facility.

And, if you’re feeling cocky about your survival (or shooting) skills, you can opt to add a force-on-force element to your zombie hunt with the inclusion of a live zombie or an armed mad scientist you have to defeat in addition to the 17-18 zombies that are part of the basic zombie hunt!

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To help you out, here’s some wisdom from our favorite zombie film, “Zombieland.” This is the list of rules for surviving in a zombie-infested world:

  1. “Cardio”
  2. “Double tap” (“Ziploc bags” in a deleted scene)
  3. “Beware of bathrooms”
  4. “Wear seat belts”
  5. “Cast iron skillet”
  6. “Travel light”
  7. “Get a kickass partner”
  8. “Bounty paper towels”
  9. “Bowling Ball”
  10. “Don’t be a hero.”
  11. “Limber up”
  12. “Avoid strip clubs”
  13. “When in doubt, know your way out”
  14. “The buddy system”
  15. “Check the back seat”
  16. “Enjoy the little things”
  17. “Swiss army knife”
  18. “Clean socks”
  19. “Hygiene”
  20. “Always have backup”